Data Policy

The research is based on a voluntary data collection system. More data we collect, better the search experience will be.

We make sure that the data stored on our servers is encrypted and backed up. We also never share and will never sell your data to third party companies without your permission. The complete data policy is defined below.

We think your public data on Clubhouse can be used more effectively to create a better search experience. The Clubhouse API is not currently available and we ask for the data directly from you, respecting your privacy.

1. What data we keep and how we obtain it
Personal data is all information in our possession that can identify you, such as name, country, age, gender or interests that you enter when registering on our site.

Personal data

When you register with us, we will ask you:
- Email address
- Name
- Surname
- Gender
- Date of birth
- Nation
- Interests
- Role
- Clubhouse username
- Profile picture

Technical information and analysis
When you use our website, we may collect some of the following data with the use of third party services such as Google Analytics:

- The IP address used to connect your mobile phone or other device to the Internet

- Your browser information, such as Google Chrome or Apple Safari

- Time zone, language and location settings
Your mobile network provider and location (based on your IP address)

We also use "cookies". Cookies are files saved on your phone, tablet or computer when you visit a website. They collect information on how you use the website and the pages you visit.

Information from third party services
If you use third-party login details, they will also process your login details and are solely responsible for their management.

We may also obtain information from other sources, such as companies offering information on consumer trends. We use this information to help us improve our services. We comply with data protection laws when we do this. If this information is used in conjunction with your personal data, we will ensure that our interests never come before your rights.

2. What we use your data for
This is how we use your data and the legal reasons for using it.

Provide you with a service
We need some of your personal information to be able to include you in the collection of ClubHouse profiles and through the search filters to offer the best results.
This information is based on your consent during registration.

Improve Clubhouser services
We remove details (if ever required) that could identify you from this information, such as your name, address and contact details. These are called "personal identifiers". Your email will never be published, however we may use it to verify your account or send you useful Clubhouse news and resources.

We only use this information to provide a better experience for you and other Clubhouser users. This explicit consent refers to when we use your personal data.

Keep up to date
We may contact you while marketing our service. This includes sending product updates, surveys and marketing information. You can decline these communications at any time.

3. How we store and move your data

Where we store and process your data
Your data may be processed or stored outside your country of residence and the European Economic Area (EEA).
This will always be in line with applicable legal data protection mechanisms (such as appropriate contractual terms) and subject to strict safeguards.

4. Your rights
You are in control of your personal information. Under the data protection law, you have the right to:

- Remove or change your consent at any time if we are using your data in a certain way based on it.
- Request a copy of your personal data we hold about you. Your data is stored in line with our legal and medical obligations.
- Ask us to correct incorrect information, delete it or ask us to use it only for certain purposes. There may be times when we are unable to help, as if the law or our medical obligations say we cannot.
- Ask us to limit automated (computer-processed) decisions made with your data
- Request that your data be provided in a portable format that allows you to move, copy or transfer it. Or ask us to send it in this format to someone else.

5. Changes to this policy
We may update this policy from time to time. If we make any major changes, we'll let you know and give you a chance to review them.

If you accept the changes, you don't need to do anything. Please continue to use our services with the updated policy and we will assume that you are satisfied with the way we use your data.

For any request you can write to

Last Update: March 02, 2021